We provide counselling for the legal, regulatory and compliance challenges of clients in the Healthcare & Life Science, Technology and Food sectors.


Healthcare & Life Science




We provide counselling for the legal, regulatory and compliance challenges of clients in the Healthcare & Life Science, Technology and Food sectors.


Healthcare & Life Science



SPLAW. A sector-focused, integrated and pioneer law firm.

The in-depth experience with certain sectors places us in a highly privileged position. We deeply and continuously focus on understanding such sectors, their developments, regulations, markets, competitors, challenges and how the Law affects and changes them.


Intellectual Property (IP), Entertainment and Data Protection

The Intellectual Property system (IP) became even more complex following the establishment of the World Trade Agreement on TRIPS (Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights) and the proliferation of plurilateral, bilateral and regional agreements. Trademarks, domain and trade names, patents, designs, confidential information, copyright, software and other intangible assets. SPLAW knows that companies increase their competitiveness in a variety of ways by dedicating time and resources to the importance of their IP. The awarded IP team at SPLAW brings fresh, worldly and highly practical approach to protecting, negotiating and enforcing IP. SPLAW also offers high expertise and relevant experience within the creative economy sector, involving entertainment, culture, communication and media. We got your back.

Intellectual Property

Data Privacy and Protection Compliance

Entertainment, Communication, Media and Culture


Business face a wide and complex set of Brazilian regulatory procedures established by federal, state, and local administrative agencies. Regulations relate to a large array of executive branch activities, such as applications for licenses, oversight of life sciences, food, technology and environmental laws. SPLAW regulatory practice has in-depth experience and a “can-do” attitude when it comes to interacting and dealing with all three branches of government and entities regulating the Healthcare & Life Science, Technology.
They regulate. We provide guidance. You thrive.

Environmental, Biodiversity and Natural Resources

Pharma, Medtech & FDA-regulated Matters

Technology Regulation


Brazil has a huge, mostly untapped potential for the Life Science & Healthcare, Technology and Food sectors. SPLAW is familiar with the market drawbacks and provides active and creative approaches to its legal, regulatory and compliance challenges, privileging ethics, dynamism, efficiency and result-seeking strategies. In the corporate sphere, SPLAW actively work on:

Transactional Matters

Compliance & Business Conduct

Government Affairs

Labor & Compensation

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Throughout the years, members of SPLAW established in-depth experience collaborating with Brazil-looking Foreign Direct Investors, mainly those coming from the United States of America, Switzerland, the State of Israel and the United Kingdom. Our associates have been providing legal support and advice to both commercial and private clients from such countries for many decades. We are fully experienced in all aspects of helping businesses to set up a base or headquarters here, whether in Sao Paulo or elsewhere in Brazil. Together with our deep and trusted network in allied professions such as accountancy and tax planning, SPLAW provides a comprehensive service in relation to business structures, formation and registration, company secretarial duties, taxation, commercial and operational structures, Intellectual Property protection, employment issues, commercial property, grants, visa, education and training, and numerous other matters. Our experience in dealing overseas companies means we understand your specific requirements.

United States



United Kingdom


The best Law schools in Brazil and/or in the US trained our Brazilian Bar-certified associates, while our clients and their cases forged our experience.


We value our team and believe that their well-being inspires optimized professional results. SPLAW incentives our associates to pursue a healthy and balanced professional life.


SPLAW sponsors several sporting, cultural, social and pro bono activities. In addition, we promote actions that include home and out of office days, flexible working hours and a set of initiatives that aim at result in even more dynamic, efficient and precise results.


Contacting us does not immediately forms an attorney-client relationship. Hence, do not impart confidential data or information, unless and until we have confirmed to you in writing that there are no conflicts of interest and that receiving such information is necessary for professional purposes.

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SPLAW effectively takes practical measures to protect the workplace of our associates. We believe that professional activities should strongly consider the health, well-being of our associates and of our environment. Respect, togetherness and values strengthen the core of the legal profession and ensures that our associates work toward a healthier and fair World. Therefore, SPLAW:

Provides equal professional opportunities to all applicants for and prohibits all sorts of discrimination and harassment of any type without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other characteristic

Continuously work towards an environmentally friendly workplace. Our team is conscious and assess our impact whenever using electricity, paper, plastic and other resources. We welcome ideas and suggestions that help SPLAW business help the environment. This approach reflects most our contracting and purchasing decisions. SPLAW beliefs that sustainable purchasing is a good way to reduce our impact on the environment. We encourage clients and suppliers to help us in this beneficial effort. We will gladly provide you with extra info.

Promote and create an enabling environment for healthy behaviors among associates, through good corporate practices, workplace wellness programmes and health-oriented plans.